The Crane’s Cove Coast

The Crane’s Cove Coast

The Ocean: My Happy Place

Growing up in coastal Massachusetts, I was never far from the ocean. I especially loved living on Clark’s Cove in New Bedford. Just around the corner, West Beach always had parking. It didn’t matter the season; it was accessible. If you’re in my Crane’s Cove Crew reader group, you’ll remember the video I posted last month. The photos below were taken on the same day.

I structured Crane’s Cove similar to the New Bedford peninsula. Piney Point Road is smaller and more residential that Rodney French Boulevard, but it has a lot of the same characteristics.

The Coastline

One side of the Piney Point peninsula in Crane’s Cove faces the Cliff Walk Resort’s private beach. Kat’s big pink house offers a private beach that faces out into one half of the cove.

On the other side of the peninsula, the marina and public beach offer a fun place, including restaurants and shops, for townies and tourists to frolic.

The Cove Walk, New Bedford, Massachusetts

From the sky, JC’s air tourists squeal in delight as they realize the cove below is heart-shaped. 🙂

So much of the places I love in New England are in the Crane’s Cove series. If you’ve been there, you understand how the sea finds its way into your soul. 🙂

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