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Praise for Love on The Edge

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“This story had all the feels! The author did a beautiful job of weaving in God’s direction and love for us into this novel.” – Britt Reads Books

“[I] could hardly put it down. The characters were well developed, and I loved the picturesque descriptions of the settings. I especially liked the insight into different types of PTSD and common day experiences that we don’t realize affect those who suffer from it. One of my favourite parts of the book was about a special song that the author wrote especially for this book. Having read 60,000+ books over the years, I was surprised this was a first novel. Bravo! Looking forward to the next one in the series!!” – Bonnie D, Amazon Canada Review

“…a suspenseful adventure where the characters were so intimately described that I couldn’t help but feel their fears, frustrations, and pain. I also felt their growing bond and their support of one another. It made the love story incredibly realistic. I could tell the author did her research on PTSD.” – Jen S, Amazon Review

“Perfect to take you away for a little “me” time in a beautiful setting, with characters you want to know better, and you are rooting for. Written so that you feel like you are right in the story, sharing their personal struggles and watching them overcome. Love the small details that make the story feel real.” – Kindle Customer

“…perfect amount of love story mixed with suspense!” – Colleen G, Amazon Review

“This is more than just a work of fiction. Self help, self care, perseverance, struggles, and grace are all served up like a big slice of Meemaw’s peach cobbler.” – Hannah Kartagener, Creative Homeschool Journal

“…a story that grips you by the throat and pulls you right into the action from the start to the end.” – Aussie597, Barnes and Noble Review

“The author does an amazing and eloquent job depicting life with PTSD and offers hope and encouragement for those that deal with this illness.” – Kindle Customer

“Crane’s Cove takes me back to my time on the New England Coast and I cannot wait to see what happened further in the series.” – Amazon Customer

“A great story! I now want to travel to Crane’s Cove, eat peach pancakes, horseback ride, picnic and maybe even karaoke with Lanie. More than the connection though is the talent the author has to fully describe the range of emotions that both main characters have throughout the book. From the panic associated with PTSD to the butterflies you get when… oh, I won’t tell! It is just wonderfully written!” – Alison, Amazon Review

Praise for Love on the Rocks

“This story had all the feels! The author did a beautiful job of weaving in God’s direction and love for us into this novel.” – Britt Reads Books

“Best book ever! Loved it from cover to cover!” – ElizeBeth, Amazon Review

“A sweet romantic story about second chances and the difficulties of living with the aftereffects of a traumatic brain injury and how it can change your life.” – Nurse4pets, Barnes and Noble Review

Praise for Love on the Beach

“It’s real, it’s raw, and it’s relatable. For anyone who has ever wanted to save the world and didn’t know where to start, for the helpers who find themselves in need of some help…this one is for you.” – bklvr, Amazon Review

“…My favorite of the series!” – Jenna, BookBub Review

“Sweet romance with hope for the hurting… Kerry Evelyn gives readers a full-on romance with memorable characters (the first two books are now on my TBR after meeting some of the others) and an ending that doesn’t disappoint.” – Suzie W, Goodreads Review

“Hang on for a fun & exciting ride while these two get their relationship sorted out!” – A Book Lover’s Adventures

“You’ll be rooting for Shelby and Damon in this sweet love story that takes an honest look at the challenges faced in dealing with self-doubt and fear of the future.” – BJM, Amazon Review

“I love this author. How she blends titillating, God, life and love together is a gift. Kerry Evelyn has MORE than just a way with words. She’s skilled in exposing the core of her believable, messy, lovable (well, if Ms. Evelyn intends them to be!) characters. And I dare you to feel anything less than completely satisfied at The End…but can safely bet, her happily-ever-afters will not only linger, but her positive, hopeful, all-is-well messages, will help you envisage your own!” – Jill Wallace, Author of Wartime Serenade

“A great love story.” – KNRW Radio/Marcus & Teri

“Future Hallmark movie! The perfect mix of love story, suspense, & everything in between!” – Jill, Amazon Review

Short Stories

Praise for Love on the Ice, a Prequel to the Crane’s Cove Series

“Adorable and heartfelt love story… the kind of short story that makes you smile, feel warm inside, and hope to find the kind of honest and loving relationship as seen in this book.” – Jenna M, Amazon Review

“…a feel-good second-chance romance. – Deb O, Goodreads Review

“Alexei…stole my heart…from his sexy accent to his sweet nature towards Ginny and her niece and nephew. He’s a character I’d love to meet if that were possible!” – aallicat4, Amazon Review

Moon Mist Manor Series

Praise for Christmas at Moon Mist Manor

“…a wonderful and action-filled story.” – T.M. Payne, Goodreads Review

“Kerry Evelyn made every moment so touchingly lifelike. Christmas at Moon Mist Manor causes smiles and a good feeling because of so many enjoyable scenes.” – A. Richard, Amazon

“With a mom to be, a husband with PTSD and stray kitten and great townspeople. With a Christmas promise to atone for this story gets to your heart. This story answers some of the questions of why some can see magic, and others can’t. I found this story cute and adoring. Written well and would love to read more from this author.” – Julie S, Amazon Review

“I liked the kitten guide in this short version of A Christmas Carol! It was fun and very sweet!” – Elysian F, BookBub Review

Praise for Love Overrules the Lawyer

“Absolutely darling story of love, mystery, and a bit of paranormal.” – T.M. Payne, Goodreads Review

“… A beautiful second chance story that kept me hooked from the beginning until the end.” – Jamie Onderisin, Books Nooks Reviews and Fun 

“A definite must-read for fans of true romance and magic. The writing pulls you in and keeps you wanting more.” – Crystal W, BookBub Review