Kerry Evelyn

Once Upon Academy

A curse, a kingdom, and a quest…



When Nettie’s life is in peril, her true self will take flight.

Nettie’s acceptance letter to Once Upon Academy is the opportunity she’s waited her whole life for. The prima ballerina’s first eighteen years were spent following rules and obeying her parents. She’s excited to go out on her own to discover who she really is and the letter is her ticket out.

Reggie, a fifth-year senior and an orphan, only knows one thing for sure: he loves to fly. So, when one of his flying students reveals to him he has the mark of a royal phoenix shifter, he’s excited to conquer the sky for real and learn more about his heritage.

But will he get his chance? When Nettie and Reggie are locked in a tower by a foe on the eve of Reggie’s first transformation, his life is in mortal danger. Helping him means Nettie must face her own greatest fear. Can they save themselves and each other?



Reggie will need to summon all the power within him to break the curse of his kingdom’s firstborn.

Finding his birth father and learning he’s heir to a kingdom is a lot for Reggie to adjust to—especially when tradition demands the one thing he can’t give. Refusing to accept conforming when duty calls, he teams up with his half-brother to find a way to right the wrongs.

Nettie, not willing to stand by until a solution presents itself, begins a quest to find a magical artifact that can set everything right. From Once Upon Academy to exotic kingdoms in realms near and far, she and Reggie will risk everything.

Together with Reggie’s half-brother Krish and his beloved Saraya, the four will do whatever it takes to keep everything from going up in flames and earn their happily-ever-afters.


This is a sweet fantasy with a lot of fairytale elements, a good amount of magic, a bit of romance, and a whole lot of fun! Suitable for ages 13 & up (or youngers who don’t mind kissing, haha).