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A Prequel to the Crane’s Cove Series

Ginny Perdita has traded in her figure skating costumes for coaching at her home rink after a tragic accident took her sister and brother-in-law, orphaning her young niece and nephew. Thrown into instant parenthood and now unable to compete, she’s had to bury her Olympic dreams.

Alexei Kriz is starting over after his girlfriend refused to follow him to Colorado Springs to play hockey. Despite that, he’s thrilled to have been picked up for the Palmer City Voltage and plans to throw himself into the game and volunteer work with the Flying Stars, a youth team of special athletes who also call the rink home. There, he runs into Ginny – the one who got away.

It’s been years since Ginny and Alexei first connected back in Sochi. Still frosty that he never called her after the games, Ginny is wary of his intentions and affection for her and the three-year-old twins. Still, she can’t ignore the feelings that pull her to the Czech defenseman.

When they are assigned to work together for the Flying Stars program fundraiser, Ginny’s ice begins to melt as she watches him guide the young players and dote on the twins. Alexei vows to not let her get away forever this time. When she’s offered a high-level coaching job in New York, can he warm her heart for a second chance at love?

The Will Donovan Series

Will Donovan has big plans on his last free weekend before he joins the FBI. With romance on his mind, he tells his girlfriend Emma she can pick anywhere she wants to go. To his dismay, his mystery-loving girlfriend chooses the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. Not quite the romantic backdrop he had envisioned, but for Emma, he would go anywhere. Especially if it meant securing their future together before he leaves.  

At the Inn, things are not what they seem. Late in the night, curious meowing wakens the guests. Perhaps Max, the resident cat, desires a midnight adventure? Fueled by the gruesome tale of Lizzie Borden and her parents’ mysterious deaths, they follow a trail of ever-distancing meowing to an ominous hole inside the basement wall.  

Together with their quirky fellow guests from the third floor, can Will and Emma solve the mystery of what really happened back in August of 1892 before time runs out for Will’s big plan to win Emma’s heart for keeps?

FBI Agent Will Donovan is finally ready to propose to his girlfriend. A Halloween weekend trip to his home in Crane’s Cove offers the perfect opportunity, but he and Emma arrive in the middle of chaos: three teenage girls have gone missing from the town’s premier resort.

A desperate search begins as residents and authorities try to find them before they freeze…or worse. With only his instincts and a single clue, Will has his work cut out for him. A hidden passage, a looming snowstorm, and a 19th-century secret only complicate the search as the night unfurls.

Can Will unravel the mystery of the passage before it’s too late? And will he miss his chance to propose to Emma?

The new short story featuring FBI Agent Will Donovan is coming soon as a standalone! For now, it appears in this anthology.

Crane’s Cove Stories For All Ages

Malice does not live in Crane’s Cove, but it does visit every once in a while.

The fall church carnival is in full swing. The townspeople are enjoying classic rides, games, and foods. Unfortunately, not every treat is sweet.

Something’s amiss with the cotton candy vendor. Who is he? What’s his connection to the town? What happened in Old Man Wetherby’s past to make him a target? And is there a reason everyone who walks away from his booth isn’t behaving the way they usually would?

It’s up to Sammi to reverse the curse before it sours the carnival…Or worse, claims someone’s life.

After Mellie and her friends discover a mysterious nutcracker in a bin of donations, they realize something is amiss. As objects fly out of purses and other mischievous activities occur, they wonder if the nutcracker is more than it seems.

The quest for its rightful owner leads them to Old Man Wetherby, whose father went down with his crew in a legendary shipwreck off the coast of Crane’s Cove. The girls wonder if this is the same nutcracker from the old man’s stories.

In the spirit of Christmas, they visit him and ask him to recount the story. As it unfolds, the girls learn about an old family mystery. Can they solve it in time to bring Old Man Wetherby a Christmas miracle?