Kerry Evelyn

Palmer City Voltage

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Grab your ticket to last chance sweet hockey romance!

Make-or-break careers become complicated when these players meet their matches. Talented athletes on the brink of their ultimate goals. Brilliant women with big dreams. With eyes on the prize, will love get in their way or lead them to their happily-ever-afters?

Travel to Palmer City, a quaint former mining town just outside Colorado Springs where love melts the ice.

It’s true that hockey players break hearts.
Sometimes, it’s their own.

Taylor Ranford has three immediate goals: have a blast on her birthday cruise with her sister, help Team USA win the international cheerleading title, and earn enough money to put her through grad school. Not part of the plan: her sister getting sick and sending her best friend—and Taylor’s longtime crush—in her place. She can’t face the only guy she’s ever had feelings for treating her like she’s his little sister when she really wants so much more.

After a big blow to his career—and his ego—and with no immediate plans for the next season, Kingston Brewer jumps at the opportunity to go on a last-minute cruise with the bouncy-ponytailed cheerleading coach. Taylor had always been there when he needed her most, and he holds a soft spot for her in his heart. But after a few days on the ship, Kingston begins to see Taylor as more than just his best friend’s little sister.

Just when he thinks they can explore a future together, Kingston gets THE call from his agent. Now he has to make one of the most difficult choices in his personal and professional life. Will he give up the professional chance of a lifetime for a chance with the girl he’s fallen head-over-skates for?

Kami Spencer has no plans for romance…

After my divorce, I made two rules:
1. Never date guys with first names for last names.
2. Never date guys whose jobs require travel.

And definitely don’t marry them.

I’d like to think I learned from my past experiences. But Trask Emerson feels like a mistake I might have to make.


That’s a lesson Kami Spencer won’t forget. Stuck in Palmer City with a big stack of broken dreams, she picks up a serving job to help make ends meet while she finishes her doctorate. Taking care of her daughter, finishing her degree, and moving back to Charleston are Kami’s focus, so why can’t she get a certain hockey player off her mind?

Trask Emerson is at the top of his game. As the Voltage’s alternate captain and leading scorer, he’s sure to move out of the minors sooner than later. Lately, though, he mostly looks forward to celebrating with the team at Brewski’s and getting to know the guarded new server and her little girl. The two have captured his attention, and possibly his heart.

The spark between them is undeniable, even if Kami won’t admit it. But Trask can’t stop thinking about her. When an opportunity for them to help each other arises, is able to persuade her to take a chance? The last thing Kami wants is to lose her heart again, but can Trask prove to her to her that their future is together?


Christmas on Ice is a sweet, second-chance hockey romance and the second standalone book in the Palmer City Voltage hockey romance series.