Kerry Evelyn

Moon Mist Manor/Cat’s Paw Cove

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Welcome to Cat’s Paw Cove!

Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida, is an enchanting seaside town and favorite tourist destination. But there’s something unusual about the locals, both human and feline. The popular Shipwreck Museum might just take you back in time, and the historic Sherwood House holds secrets old and new.

Adopt a furever friend at the Cove Cat Café, treat yourself to a psychic reading at Eye of Newt metaphysical shop, pick up a special trinket from Black Cat Antiquities. And don’t be surprised if you find your heart in the magic of Cat’s Paw Cove.

In the harbor, five islands form the pad and toe beans of a cat’s paw. The large island is a protected home to magical and mystical beings, in the care of a family of Native Americans who moved out to the island in the early 1700s. A lighthouse stands guard on the northernmost of the toe bean islands, and the other three are privately owned. 

On Guinevere Island, surrounded by an enchanted mist, sits the town’s oldest resort. Built in the mid-1800s by Native Americans and British settlers, Moon Mist Manor is a luxury destination unlike any other. Those born on the island and a select few entrusted with the secret can see and hear the beings that have made a home on this sacred land. But visitors beware—unseen forces and intruders are continually battling the island’s defenses for a place to call their own … and its very existence.

After spending months apart, Matt and Lanie Saunders are delighted to be together again for the holidays. While Matt aided disaster relief efforts across the country, Lanie’s dreamed about that white Christmas she wanted for her Southern-born husband. This year, they’ll have it all—a Babymoon in Florida and then up to Maine with their families and friends. First stop: Moon Mist Manor in Cat’s Paw Cove where Matt spent many magical summers as a boy.

Lanie doesn’t quite grasp what makes the island so spellbinding for Matt. She knows she shouldn’t be upset when she has him, a baby on the way, new friends, and an enchanting kitten named Pippi to make her spirit bright. But try as she might, she can’t shake the resentment that’s been festering in her heart.

Just as Lanie makes an eye-opening discovery that puts everything into perspective, she’s forced to retreat to the manor’s medical suite as a storm rolls through. Matt’s outside helping search for runaway Pippi, but he isn’t answering his phone. Will he make it back in time to receive the most wonderful Christmas gift of all? 

Once upon a time, Rachel Saunders told Javier Consuelos she was truly, madly, deeply in love with him. And he ran.

Fifteen years later, Javier still regrets breaking Rachel’s heart, but watching her succeed as a corporate attorney confirmed he did the right thing. A long way from his troubled childhood, he’s cooking for celebrities and giving back to the community that believed in him.

But Rachel has had a tougher fifteen years than she’s let on. When she’s offered an opportunity to start over, she realizes her dream job will put her in constant contact with Javier. Distraught, Rachel flees to Moon Mist Manor on Guinevere Island to connect with her long-time feline adviser, Ameerah, who has always steered her in the right direction.

When Javier unexpectedly shows up to make amends this Valentine’s Day weekend, and with no vacancies in town, the trio are stuck together. That is, until mischievous visitors threaten to overtake the island. Can Rachel and Javier overcome magical forces and their painful past to save the resort and get a second chance at love?

Former Detective Leda Bellini, AKA Lisa Belmont, has had enough of witness protection. Determined to start a new life on her terms, she shifts into her swan form, ditches her security detail, and heads to Moon Mist manor, a resort island in Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida. Somehow, the owner knows her true identity and has been expecting her. Leda is blown away (literally) when she finds herself and a mysterious cat named Davy transported back in time to the year 1717 and into the arms of a pirate with hypnotic emerald eyes. Being trapped in the past may be just the sort of adventure she’s been yearning for.

Disgraced Royal Navy Captain Drake Reid misread a command during the Jacobite rebellion that cost him everything. His only shot at redemption is to pose as a pirate and retrieve the magical Avalon roses for the king. Blown off course by a storm, his ship misses St. Augustine where the Spanish are rumored to have brought the priceless treasure. Further complicating the matter is the scandalously underdressed woman who appeared out of nowhere and is now hiding aboard his ship.

Leda finds herself drawn to the enigmatic, Iliad-quoting pirate. On the cusp of achieving his goal, Drake is betrayed, and he and his crew are taken captive. Can Leda recover the Avalon roses before they’re executed? Or is their fate already sealed?