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With over 20 novels, more than a dozen short stories published and multiple orange tags from Amazon in the Sweet/Clean/Christian/Christmas subgenres of romance, I’ve got the experience and years in the industry to create on-brand content and provide valuable and up-to-date feedback.


(For Small Businesses & Authors with no explicit content)

$5 per image, one size
Same image, 3 different sizes $10
(View my personal “portfolio” on Instagram @kerryevelynbooks.)

Takeover Graphics Branded Set:
7 Images $30
Add-ons: 3 for $10
(Introduction, About My Books, Featured Book or New Release, 3 Questions/Games/Activities, Follow Me)

Countdown Graphics Branded Set:
5 images: $10
10 images: $15


Editing & Manuscript Evaluation
Contract Required.
Genres: Sweet Romance (Christian, clean, closed-door, low heat, mild to moderate swearing, no explicit content or wording.)

1st Chapter Critique, Evaluation, & Line Edit
$50 for up to 3,000 words
$10 per 1,000 additional words

Line Editing$9 per 1,000 words. Submit the first 1,000 words of your book for a free sample edit before signing the contract.

Beta Read with Comments and Overall Thoughts
$6 per 1,000 words
For this service, I will read your completed book from a reader’s perspective with an author’s eye, considering plot points, characterization, and readability. Suggestions will be offered for such things as voice, sentence structure, dialogue, character likability, increasing or slowing the pace as needed, trading up words or phrases, paying careful attention to repetitive and redundant words and phrases, and more, aiming for the goal of making the reader want to turn the page for “just one more chapter.”

Sensitivity Read for ADHD, Dyslexic, and Other Neurodivergent Characters
$4 per 1,000 words

One-on-One Author Coaching & Consulting$50/hr or $200 for 5 hours.
-Getting Your Book Done (2 hours minimum; step-by-step timeline & plan; your own copy of How to Binge-Write Your Novel is required.)

Workshops & Speaking:
$125 for a one-hour session and Q&A time, plus travel and/or accommodation expenses if outside of Orlando or for conferences that require an overnight stay. Zoom: $75

Workshop offerings:

·       Binge-Write Your Novel in 5 Steps

·       Creating Unforgettable Characters

·       Goal Setting for Writers

·       Time Management for Writers

·       Top 10 Time Ninja Tricks for Writers

·       World Building in a Binder

·       Top 20 Mistakes New Fiction Writers Make

·       Creating a Series Bible

·       Your Novel’s First Chapter: Hook the Reader and Set the Scene

·       An Indie Author’s Book Timeline: From Spark to Selling and All the Things in Between


How to Binge-Write Your Novel: 5 Steps to Your First Draft & Beyond

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