Kerry Evelyn

Crane’s Cove

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Welcome to Crane’s Cove!

Crane’s Cove is an idyllic coastal town, set between the Atlantic Ocean and the Acadian Woods. More than half the land has been in the Crane family for generations. Visitors are just as welcome as the many lifelong residents, many of whom are Cranes or are descendants of the Wabenakis, the Native American tribe who first lived on this land. Other longtime families came to the area a century ago to work in the whaling, fishing, and shipping industries.

There’s always a friendly face waiting to serve customers at quaint eateries, like Dockside Ice Cream, an ice cream parlor shaped like a giant milk bottle, or The Lobster Trap. And the Cliffside Diner is probably the only place where a former FBI agent pours the coffee and slices the pie. A tiny white clapboard church with stained glass and polished pews is the beating heart of the town.

Craggy cliffs descending to beautiful beaches, horseback-riding trails through white birch and pine forests, and secluded wildflower meadows offer gorgeous views that could only be painted by God. Guests can experience horseback rides, ocean kayaking, and midday picnics at the Cliff Walk Resort, which offers luxury suites as well as rustic cabins. Townsfolk mingle with resort guests at beach potlucks and movie-themed nights, complete with karaoke performances by the town’s “golden girls.” Crane’s Light, a floating lighthouse, now converted into an exclusive guest suite, provides the finishing touch to an already perfect town.

His colonel hired him to protect her, not to fall in love. But their fake honeymoon at a seaside resort might just save their hearts as well as her life.

When her life is upended by a vicious stalker, Lanie Owens retreats to a seaside resort where she can heal in peace while the authorities hunt down her stalker. The last thing she wants is to get bossed around by the handsome bodyguard who’s been hired to protect her.

Army Ranger Matt Saunders has almost recovered from the injuries he sustained during the hellish event that almost took his life. Anxious to prove he’s fit for duty, he accepts the position to protect his former colonel’s granddaughter. Their faith, values, and struggles with PTSD draw them together, but is it enough to rearrange their lives?

When Lanie’s location is exposed, Matt will do everything it takes to protect her—and find a way for them to be together.

Their love surged and crashed like waves in a storm. They’ll need to seek shelter in each other to rescue their happily-ever-after.

Kat Daniels has returned to Crane’s Cove with one goal: to put the pieces of her life back together. One of those pieces—the most important one—is Easton Crane. Breaking off their engagement after he stuck by her, supported her, and loved her through the years of her agonizing recovery from a traumatic accident was the biggest mistake she’s ever made. It’s going to take everything she has to earn his trust again and prove that she’s here to stay.

Easton Crane was shattered when Kat left town—and him. Her desertion taught him a valuable lesson he’ll never forget—and he won’t make the same mistake twice. Running the stables and renovating the lighthouse in the cove into a luxury accommodation for his family’s resort have to remain his top priority. She’s the only woman he’ll ever love, but he’d rather be alone than give her the reins to his heart again.

When his parents rehire Kat to work in the stables, Easton goes out of his way to avoid her. She’s got every right to work and board her horse there—but he doesn’t have to like it. When a hurricane nearly destroys the barn, Kat’s horse is gravely injured. Only Easton has the skills and training to help Mocha, and he’ll need Kat’s help to save her.
And just maybe, in the process, they’ll save each other.

She had big-city dreams with big-city goals. No one was more surprised than she was when she found her place—and her heart—in her small seaside hometown.

Returning to Crane’s Cove for the summer to regroup and reset, Shelby Porter has no time for nonsense. She needs to reassess her career goals and find a way to fund them. There’s no room in her life for the too-kind, too-handsome-for-his-own-good, and too-sweet-for-his-tea Georgia transplant who’s become besotted with her.

In all the years Detective Damon Saunders lived in Atlanta, the city never seemed like home. During a brief trip to Crane’s Cove for a family wedding, he finally understood why. He may hide a haunting past behind his dimpled perma-smile, but the night he met Shelby, he knew what home was supposed to feel like.

When Shelby makes it clear that she’s leaving at the end of August, Damon is determined to convince her to stay. She’s torn between family obligations and her desire to make a difference in the world.

If he can open her eyes to how much good she can do by staying here, maybe she’ll also see what he sees—that their feelings for each other are the forever kind.

Love was the ultimate risk in a game she didn’t want to play.

Up-and-coming interior designer Caroline Owens doesn’t believe in happy endings. After years of disastrous dates and seeing firsthand how love wreaks havoc, she declares a dating detox on the eve of a work event that will make or break her career.

After a yearlong mission trip, pilot JC Crane returns home to Maine for the summer to take on more responsibility at his family’s Cliff Walk Resort. Torn between his dreams of running the resort and his calling for mission work, he finds the only clear feelings he has are for Caroline, the woman he couldn’t forget after her sister’s wedding months ago.

When Caroline books the most important weekend of her career at his family’s resort, finding ways to make her smile and rekindle her spark becomes JC’s number-one goal. They might be drawn to each other, but neither can figure out how an ambitious businesswoman and a traveling missionary can make a long-distance relationship work.

Their tenuous bond is put to the test when a disaster-relief mission throws JC into danger and forces Caroline to follow her heart. Can she rescue him and their love before it’s too late?

Jack returns to Crane’s Cove with a secret that will change everything.
She thought he was her soulmate—then he left, crushing her hopes for a future together.

Molly Crane’s divorce was incredibly painful—a pain so deep she’s gone to great lengths to protect her heart. But there was something different about the Cliff Walk Resort’s spring hire, and she allowed herself to fall for him. Then he left without a word, breaking her heart all over again. Her family and building her event-planning business give her the stability she needs—until Jack returns, shaking her life to its foundation.

Jack Dalton, an executive protection specialist and Special Forces veteran, made a big mistake leaving Molly behind. He has the courage to face any enemy, but telling the full truth about his life to a woman with grief equal to his own scared him. He’s finally ready to face his feelings and win her back, unless danger and her own fears get in his way.

Meeting again as the magic of the holidays lights up Crane’s Cove, they can’t deny their chemistry is as intense as ever. But Jack still has a big secret, and he’s already broken her trust once before.

Can they overcome their heartaches to trust in each other and face the future together? Or will their pasts—and a terrifying threat from Jack’s former life—destroy their love before it has a chance to blossom again?

Love on the Heart is a stand-alone sweet and heartwarming second-chance small-town holiday romance, and the fifth book in the Crane’s Cove series. Escape to the Cliff Walk Resort in seaside Maine to fall in love with the town and its unforgettable ensemble cast of characters.

Author’s Note: Content includes characters’ discussions and experiences relating to reproductive disorders, infertility, childhood cancer, Down syndrome, human trafficking, organized crime, domestic violence, PTSD, and drug overdose that may be sensitive to some readers.

He was her BFF until life got in the way. Now he’s back, right when she needs him most. But crossing the line of friendship will risk more than just their hearts.

All Jane Porter Allen ever wanted was a big family, front porch, and white picket fence. That dream was laid to rest alongside her husband, Casey, when their life was just getting started. Now, as their son, Noah, faces a similar life-threatening diagnosis, she’s forced to confront her past as she struggles with how to save her little boy’s future.

Enter Ryan Engstrom, Jane’s college bestie and Casey’s childhood best friend. A pediatric neurosurgeon, he’s full of regrets and determined to help Noah. He’ll need to move mountains to make sure Noah receives the best medical treatment possible—all the while fighting his own personal demons as he faces a heart-wrenching decision.

Though still deeply grieving past traumas, Jane and Ryan are just as in tune with each other as ever. When their feelings grow beyond friendship, everything hangs in the balance, including Noah’s life. Now, they must confront their pain and make a choice—continue on separate paths and miss out on a second chance at love, or risk everything to find a way to build a future together.

Love on the Brain is a poignant emotional journey that explores love, loss, and the healing of wounds that prove most resistant to it.

Your favorite short stories and novellas from in and around Crane’s Cove, all in one place and in chronological order! This volume also includes a brand new origin story that will take you back to the founding of the seaside town, a deleted St. Paddy’s Day scene, and an expanded version of a fan favorite that will make you love the characters even more.

If you’re longing for a literary escape to a place where the sea meets the sky, where the scent of salt lingers in the air, and where the bonds of community run deep, then this collection of small-town short stories will transport you to the heart of this charming coastal resort town. From the idyllic cliffside vistas to the rocky shores of Acadia National Park, these stories capture the essence readers loved in the novels, where close-knit communities and picturesque landscapes blend with a hint of mystery and a touch of magic.

In this collection, you’ll meet a cast of unforgettable characters: a local FBI agent with a sixth sense, an old Marine who holds the secrets to the past, a meddling grandmother from Savannah who plans to make the town her second home, and a troubled soul who finds unexpected redemption amidst the rugged beauty of the coast. Each story weaves together the threads of everyday life with the quirks, traditions, and idiosyncrasies unique to this charming Downeast town.

Experience the joys and challenges of living in a town where everyone knows your name, where traditions are cherished, and where the wild beauty of nature shapes every aspect of life. From holiday celebrations and fall festivals to the renovated lighthouse that’s just perfect for a marriage proposal, these stories will transport you to a place where time slows down and the simple pleasures take center stage.

As you journey through the pages, you’ll discover the resilience, humor, and warmth that define the people of Crane’s Cove. These stories will make you laugh, cry, and reflect on the universal themes of love and the search for healing and meaning in a world that is both familiar and enchanting.

Fall in love with the heartwarming stories and captivating characters of Crane’s Cove–where the perfect sweet, seaside romances are waiting for you!

This box set includes the first three books from the Crane’s Cove series—Love on the Edge, Love on the Rocks, and Love on the Beach. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a free short story, “A Home for Christmas.”

Two and a half years after the events of Love on the Edge, Daisy Mae Saunders, known fondly to all as Meemaw, relays her own love story, set in 1948 Savannah, to Lanie and Matt’s newborn daughter.
When a teenage stranger shows up looking for him, family secrets and ghosts from the past flip everything they’ve known on its end. Daisy knows in her heart she Harlan must resolve his past before they can plan a future together. Can their budding relationship overcome this new challenge in time for Christmas?