Bee City Zoo and Honey Bee Farm: Buzzing with Fun!

Bee City Zoo and Honey Bee Farm: Buzzing with Fun!

Just outside Charleston, South Carolina is a fun little place where you can learn about bees, feed lemurs, (they have THE softest paws!), pet adorable animals, and so much more! As I followed my kids around Bee City in Cottageville, my imagination lit up with story ideas. What stuck most was the setting, and an idea sprouted up for a link to connect my Palmer City Voltage series to Crane’s Cove.

If you’re a reader of both series, did you catch that Kami and Meemaw have the same maiden name? Charleston isn’t very far from Savannah, after all…!

My daughter and her friend studying the bees.

A sweet lemur waiting for Cheerios.

We meet homesick single mom Kami Spencer, the heroine in Christmas on Ice, as she finishing up her Ph.D. in earth sciences in Palmer City, Colorado. She’s balancing classes, research, waiting tables at Brewski’s, car problems, and an unreliable ex. It doesn’t take much for new guy in town Trask Emerson to fall head over heels. When they discover they grew up just miles away from each other in the Lowcountry, Trask hatches a plan to grant her wish of going home for Christmas. 

When Kami, Brenna Brewer’s college roommate, invaded my imagination, she had quite a story to tell! I quickly knit together the pieces of her life that I knew about with her passion for soil and plants, and it made perfect sense for her to be raised on a bee farm. Her parents manage the farm and gift shop, and her younger twin sisters plan weddings and events.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…Go read the story! 

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