*The Plex* Townsbury, MA & Palmer City, CO

*The Plex* Townsbury, MA & Palmer City, CO

One of the coolest places in Orlando is the RDV Sportsplex. It was the original practice facility for the Orlando Magic and is home to the Orlando Solar Bears Hockey team. RDV isn’t just for the pros, though. All ages of athletes and hockey players practice and play there, including the University of Central Florida Knights ice hockey teams. But, there is so much more to this place:

RDV is so much more than a gym! Personal training, medical offices, daycare, camps, it is THE all-inclusive recreational facility.

When my kids were little, we were invited to many birthday parties at the sportsplex. Pool parties, gym/bounce house parties, and ice skating parties were super fun. But the Ice Den is by far our favorite place in the complex! My daughter celebrated her 12th birthday on the rink, and the party package came with her own personalized purple hockey jersey with her name and age on the back. 

I can’t believe that was four years ago already! This past year, she’s been working though all the skating skills and has begun figure skating training. She’s pretty amazing. Sometimes we’ll drop in to skate during the day when it’s not so busy for her to work on her moves. While she’s skating, I’ll often climb to the top of the bleachers and peek in on the drop-in hockey league. It’s super fun to watch!

You can see why I created a place like this for Lanie and Sarah to work at. Lanie met Alexei (a minor-league hockey player at the time) there when she was a massage therapist training to be a physical therapist. She coaches her swim team there and plans philanthropic events. RDV even has an adaptive hockey program, the Gliding Stars, which inspired the creation of the Flying Stars in my novels. 

Love on the Ice is the link between Crane’s Cove and the Voltage books. When Alexei is traded across the country, he and Lanie break up. What he wasn’t expecting was for his one-that-got-away to be coaching figure skating at the PC Plex. When he and Ginny are paired up to help the Flying Stars improve their skating skills, all the old feelings return. But Ginny’s life is very different now that she’s raising her sister’s 2-year-old twins, and when a high-level, highly-paid job offer comes in–from New York–Ginny must make a choice.

Each book below features the Plex locations. Have you read them all?

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