Inspiration from Downeast, Maine

Inspiration from Downeast, Maine

New England stole a piece of my heart, and the coastal regions especially call to me when the steaming, landlocked heat of Orlando becomes unbearable. In those moments, I long for a cool ocean breeze on a chilly summer night, the sound of ocean waves lapping again rocks, the crispness of a dark fall evening, the smell of the first frost, and first blooms of spring. To experience it soothes my soul, and to be without it causes my heart to yearn.

My husband is a native Floridian and jumps at every chance to escape the heat, even if it means a day at the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, tubing down gentle hills, or shopping the Kittery outlets. We’ve been to North Conway more times than I can count. He has driven through a blizzard, navigated the Kangamangus like a pro, and proposed to me on a snow-capped mountain in Jackson, New Hampshire.

It was on one of these trips we spent some time in York Beach and Bar Harbor. We had a blast at the Nubble Light, hopping from rock to rock with our little girl. We drove the coast, and I spotted the prettiest rose-colored dream house up on the cliff atop the peninsula that jutted out from York Beach. It captivated me so much, I made him drive by it so I could take pictures. I wondered who had built it and who lived there now.


Over the years, I google-stalked it, and noticed it was having renovations. Photos of construction materials and a portapotty intrigued me. What could they be doing? Repairing the roof? Gutting it to upgrade? My imagination got a little carried away. I knew this house had a story, and since I didn’t know it, years later I decided to make one up. It became the home of the fictional Kat Daniels of Crane’s Cove, heroine of Love on the Rocks, left to her by her great aunt Katherine. To find out more, you’ll have to read the story…and the next one. i have big plans for Kat’s big, empty creepy house on the cliff.’

Kat House