November 2017

The secret to having it all... is knowing that you already do."

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  • Manuscript is back, proofed and currently being formatted for paperback and eBooks!!

  • Save the date! December 5th on Facebook! I’ll be going LIVE at 8pm Eastern! Join me for an hour of giveaways, Q&A, and a glimpse into Crane’s Cove!

  • is currently being re-branded to fit the theme of my gorgeous cover. Check it out!

  • I’ve created a soundtrack on Spotify of songs that capture the heart of the book. I listened to them for inspiration and to help me get my head back in the book on days I was stuck. If you are a writer, I highly recommend this technique!

  • Look for my Blog Tour! Here’s the ongoing list of places you’ll be able to find Love on the Edge spotlighted. Big thanks to Jaime Engle for managing this for me!

  • Read on for five things I learned last month, giveaways, and events! Enjoy your fall! It’s the little things that make the memories.






  1. Everything takes 10 times longer than you plan for; creating an LLC, editing, formatting, deciding on designs, organizing events, etc. To be fair, I was warned, haha! I have given myself some very tight deadlines and the pressure is on. However, this keeps me focused and accountable, so I’m not sure I’d have changed anything – yet!

  2. “Showing up is 80% of life.” – Woody Allen

    You wouldn’t believe the friendships I’ve made, the things I’ve learned, and the ideas I’ve gotten, just for attending a workshop, meeting, or event. Here’s another one: “Get up, dress up, show up, and never give up.” – Genevieve Rhode

    Funny story – I dressed up for a writing conference last January; just a simple dress and a blazer. When I checked in, I was asked if I was a presenter! I stood out from majority who were mostly clad in jeans and t-shirts (how I envied them). At the Rita Awards, I overdressed (a tad…!) because it was a fancy occasion and I wanted a ball gown, tiara, and pretty hair. Instead of being self-conscious as I sparkled in sea of elegant black and jewel-toned evening gowns, I owned it. My inner introvert was cringing and paranoid the whole time, but on the outside, I was determined to have a blast, and I did! Plus, so many compliments! It fueled my confidence and I talked to people I wouldn’t otherwise had met because they approached me. Would you believe I am so painfully shy? It’s easy for me to talk to you if you talk to me first, but it’s rare I initiate conversation with a stranger. I’m working on it.

  3. It’s okay to say “no.” In fact, is crucial to survival. I have been working on this lesson my whole life. My fear has always been “if I don’t do it, no one will.” Sometimes, that’s the case, but other times it opens a door for someone else to shine. I’ve stopped volunteering for things that don’t go toward my goals or our family’s goals, even when it pains me. I’ve cut down on oil classes, big events at my home, and kid invitations. I’ve realized when I say yes to those things, often times I am saying no to my family or my writing time. Time is something you can never get back. I’m very conscious how I’m spending my hours; I want them to be productive, not busy. I’m re-learning this lesson as an author. I’m not even published yet, and I’ve been invited to several events and to be a part of no less than 5 anthologies. Wow! It’s humbling, exciting, and so hard to turn down what could be a door to something bigger. This is where my faith comes in. I depend on daily prayer and meditation to let the Spirit guide me into choosing the best things. I start many days with this Crazy Blessed Morning Meditation. Try it out!

  4. Planking cures writers’ block. No joke! It’s painful, and thus I have trained my mind to go elsewhere to hold the longest plank possible. My dear friend who forces this torture (and several of her own original painful concepts) upon is quite proud of me, however she doesn’t know I go off to another world and I think she secretly thinks I like planks. Nope! You’ll keep this secret for me, right? I wouldn’t want risk her wrath – who knows what new things she may dream up!

  5. I did an insanely fantastic job of putting together the best team to get my book out into the world. Not bragging, just stating a fact. I will have five pages of acknowledgements at the end of my book, and I pray I have not forgotten anyone!!




Check out my current giveaways and enter to win here:







  • Pre-order of Love on the Edge available on Amazon. Woohoo!!


  • Avalon Aglow, December 2nd, 3:00 - 8:30pm
    Orlando, FL
    Come meet me and other local authors at the Epic Orlando Sports Fire & Ice Cheer All-Stars booth! I’ll be there from 5-6pm. Fingers crossed I will have paperbacks available to sell and autograph! While there, you can purchase autographed books and enter to win some great givaways! Raffle ticket donations will support the girls’ as they enter competition season in January!

    Release of Love on the Edge on Amazon - December 5th is the goal! Please pray with me that all deadlines will be met and my book will release on time!

    Authors in a Box, December 9th, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
    Melbourne Square Mall
    Authors in a Box brings authors and readers together because books are more than just stories, created by award-winning author Jaimie Engle of The Write Engle. Books will include Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, and Adult. Genre fiction such as horror, sci-fi, fantasy, romance, thriller, etc. Non-fiction to include topic specific, educational, teaching, self-help, etc. This is a great place to grab some last minute gifts just before the holidays. In addition, Carrie Friday Media Specialist of Southwest Middle School will have students wrapping your book purchases in exchange for donations to their media center. The authors have contributed books to a mall giveaway along with collections for local schools in need. Please feel free to bring a gently used book to donate and make sure you enter to win the grand prize.


  • Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend - April 27-29, 2018
    Milwaukee, WI
    Join Barbara Vey and sixty of her favorite authors for an epic weekend! 
    THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT! If you'd like to go, get your name on the waiting list ASAP!


I hope you all have a wonderful month!




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