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  • I received my manuscript back to from my content editor, added about 10,000 words, and sent it off to my line editor. I’m expecting to receive it back sometime between November 13-20. When I get it and how much time I need to spend on it will determine and set the pre-order and release dates. Once I fix what she sends, it will still need to be proofed, formatted, and uploaded. The new pre-order goal is Cyber Monday, and I’m still praying for a December 5th release. I’d love your prayers and positive energy!
  • I’ve got a headshot! My friend Shanda Clarke has been photographing my family for years. She’s got this magic way of turning hot messes into elegant and stunning images. I needed a headshot so suddenly, I called her in a panic and she got me in and calmed me down. I’m so thrilled with the result! What do you think? I may never use another one. There’s a joke about authors not looking like their book photos and I totally get it now! When your photog sends you an image that portrays you looking young, cute, and fun, why would you ever want to update it? Haha!
  • Speaking of photographers - OMG! - my college friend Rob Hare and his beautiful models Thais and Brett shot the cover for the book! He placed them in a shot he took earlier this fall in coastal Maine, and it is GORGEOUS! If you are in the Boston area, look him up,  especially if you’re a Pats fan – his work is exceptional, and you’ll see some familiar faces. ;-) My friend Valerie Willis, artist extraordinaire and cover designer, is working right
    now, as I type this, on the final design. Stay tuned for a cover reveal!
  • I visited Barbara Vey while I was in Fort Myers earlier this month. We had a lovely time, and could have talked for days! The time passed way too quickly, and I left with a gazillion ideas for branding, marketing, and promoting my book. Now you all just have to pre-order a ton of them and gift one to all your friends so that I can fund the launches! Haha, just kidding! Or am I? Haha! In all seriousness, I’ve been so focused on the book, I haven’t thought much about launching it. I’ll have more updates on this next month. I’m getting so excited!
  • Read on for five things I learned last month, giveaways, and events! Enjoy your fall! It’s the little things that make the memories.






  1. Writing the book is the easy part! Sounds crazy, and I have told many of my author friends just that – no way was it easy, it took me almost two years! Now on the flip side, the editing, cover design, the business mess, launching – yikes! So many choices, countless decisions to be made, and time to spend learning things I have no desire or aptitude for. This is NOT the fun part, however, when it’s done I will have accomplished something extraordinary, something more than I ever imagined. I get chills thinking about it.
  2. Networking isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Most authors are introverts; it’s not just me looking for kind and friendly faces at events, someone to ease fears and encourage dreams. Those that aren’t helpful are the exception, not the rule.
  3. Branding is everything! Look for a new look to my website once my cover is revealed. And then comes SWAG! I’m so excited to welcome you all to Crane’s Cove, Maine – where love conquers all.
  4. My experience teaching elementary school writing for so many years has been detrimental to this process. When you’re writing fiction, dialogue tags are extraneous and “the road to hell is paved with adverbs” (Stephen King) – I seriously replaced hundreds!
  5. I’ve learned to listen more to the wisdom of other authors. You can learn a lot from their mistakes and experiences. I’ve taken most of the advice I’ve been given and saved myself a lot of grief. The few wheels I am reinventing, I’m questioning myself as this process moves along. If you’re undertaking a new project or career, don’t discount the advice of those who are further along the path. Stay true to your vision, and pray about and research anything that doesn’t feel right. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether to follow advice or not, but be resigned that the outcome is the result of choices you made along the way to DIY or outsource. It’s a hard pill to swallow if something bombs, especially when it didn’t have to.




  • Congratulations to my friend Cristina Borrero who won September’s triple giveaway! She’ll receive Charmed by a Ruby: A Jewel Box Anthology PLUS How to Train a Cowboy PLUS The Fortuneteller's Folly!
  • There’s still time to enter to win the October giveaway, Catherine Kean’s novella , A Knight in the Forest!
  • Check out my current giveaways and enter to win here: http://kerryevelyn.com/giveaways






  • *Tentative* Look for the preorder of my book, Love on the Edge, on Cyber Monday, November 27th, on Amazon!
  • STARS of Romance Holiday Book Signing - Saturday, November 18, 2017, 1:30-4:30 pm
    DeGroodt Library, 6475 Minton Rd, Palm Bay, FL
    I’ll be volunteering at this event! Come and meet the published Space Coast Authors of Romance!


  • Release of Love on the Edge on Amazon - December 5th is the goal! Please pray with me that all deadlines will be met and my book will release on time!



I hope you all have a wonderful month!


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