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If I thought July was busy, I had no idea what August would bring! I'm also including the beginning of September, because half the month has already passed us by. How is that possible?

  • We are plugging along to getting my story out to you! On September 4th, I submitted my manuscript to my content editor. I'll have it back by October 8th, and of course I am biting my nails wondering what she thinks and hoping I didn't leave it with too many typos. I am a terrible typist, and I have an inconvenient (and slightly annoying) knack for spotting editing errors in everything - except my own work. I hired a line editor and she will get the book from me after I get it back from my content Editor to make changes to make the story better. She will take it line by line and help enhance the language and fix any typos and grammar issues that I miss. I've got a cover designer and am anxiously waiting what I know will be a work of art from my talented photographer friend for the cover image.
  • Instead of resting while I wait for my edits, I am still keeping busy. I entered two contests with content from the manuscript. I'm very much looking forward to getting feedback from the judges! I've been writing so long that I can definitely take harsh criticism, as long as it is constructive. It's always interesting to get comments back because depending on the judge and their mood on the day they read it and their personal preferences, it is like rolling the dice - you just never know what you're going to get, but if you roll often enough, the law of averages will favor you at some point!
  • I joined two local chapters of the Romance Writers of America, the Central Florida Romance Writers and the Space Coast Authors of Romance. Both chapters are within an hour's driving distance from me and are so full of talented and wonderful people!
  • If you've done the Clifton Strengths Finder assessment, you know that everyone has five major strengths that drive them to do what they do the way they do it. Mine are context, input, learner, focus, and positivity. Basically, I am a happy nerd and a hoarder of books, but if you know me you know that already! Haha! So I can't help but want to attend any of our workshops that will help me strengthen my craft. In August, I attended Wynter Daniels' presentation of Tips for a Hybrid Author, and L.E. Perez's workshop series on World Building. Each time I attend a workshop, I walk away more confident and what I am doing and with great tips on how to improve my storytelling and make the publishing process less painful.
  • Read on to see my highlights and pictures from the Romance, Wine, and Chocolate event put on by Lorelei's Lit Lair and the Alafaya Library. The event sold out in record time, and was so much fun! Cooper's Hawk provided complimentary wine, and the chocolates from Farris & Fosters left us salivating for more! Goodfellas fed the authors and us Lit Lair Ladies. It is SO MUCH FUN to be a Lit Lair Lady! I got to meet all the authors; talked to several at length, and the amount of selfies I took was ridiculous! Plus, I was in charge of updating the bio board during the presentation. Let's just say my life has been pretty boring compared to some of these ladies'! I'll have to come up with something pretty good if I ever am blessed to do an event like this as an author!
  • Lastly, I want to let you all know that we fared very well during Hurricane Irma. We are in a good spot and our home is solid, and so we did not experience the power outages and flooding and extensive damage that many so close to us did. My prayers are with everyone who had their lives interrupted from this storm, and from Harvey, too. ♡

God bless you all! I hope the rest of your September is crazy blessed! Mine definitely will be - I'll be attending the Mom Mastery Live conference for the third time, this time as a Certified Mentor and Regional Director. I'm very much looking forward to volunteering and getting to see all the inspirational mamas - and to finally meet so many in person that I have come to depend on for support and encouragement. It's a community like none other - no whiny babies allowed, haha! Just women who have made a solid commitment to make positive changes in their lives following the advice and tips and systems within God's workbook. It's all there in the Bible - but before Hannah Keeley, I did not know how to find it. She has taught me how to find time, how to find money and keep more of it, which systems to put in place that best compliment my personality and interests, and how to make the visions and dreams God gave me become a reality - all the while homeschooling and giving my kids a childhood to remember. If you are a mom or grandmother or pet mom or any type of caregiver and you feel stuck, I'd love to talk to you more about Hannah Keeley's mom coaching. You can find out more at and You will be crazy blessed indeed!









  1. Song lyrics are expensive and hard to get copyrights for! I made this rookie mistake and had to rewrite an entire chapter. What was I thinking? What's funny is I know this; my experience in journalism and teaching taught me copyright laws, but somehow I got so involved in the story I forgot all about them! So I had to kill several darlings and I wrote my own lyrics to replace and reworked other songs to make them fit in a way that made sense but still made the scene compelling. I even created a fictional band that may or may not appear in future stories!
  2. You need two or three editors, not one. I knew I had to budget a lot of money to spend on quality editing, but I didn't know until I started the process that it's not just one editor that looks at your stuff. When you are self-publishing everything is piece by piece, and it is recommended to have as many different eyes as possible look over your work. So have a content editor, a line editor, and sweet friend has volunteered to proof the final document for me. When all is said and done, the editing will cost me around $2,500! I will be selling a lot of essential oils in the next couple of months to cover that! Let me know if you need any, haha!
  3. Research is extremely important. A few words can make or break your book sales. One scathing review can really harm your Amazon rating and turn people off from giving your book a try. I extensively researched everything in my book and talked to people who have lived the experiences my characters go through. I have been to a place just like Crane's Cove, and while the setting is fictional, it is based on real places. I hope you will get lost in the locale as I did when I was writing it. The coast of Maine is certainly a beautiful place, all times of the year!  
  4. Don't expect to make money back on your first book. If you self-publish, you are sinking in thousands of dollars between all the editing, workshops, conferences, cover design, ISBN numbers, print copies, and so much more! Because electronic versions are so cheap, you may sell the most that way but the real money comes from the paperbacks. The industry determines the price based on page numbers. So although my cover price maybe a little high, it is what is necessary if my book is ever bought up in bulk buy a bookstore or other venue. Any unsold books can be returned, and if you don't charge enough, you will actually lose money. They rip off the covers and send them back so you need to make sure your price is high enough to cover the cost made to print the book. I will be selling my books in person whenever and wherever I can for a discounted price. So start looking in November for where you can meet me and get an autographed book! I will also be setting up a PayPal account so that I can sell books from home and send out autographed copies at a discounted price.
  5. I need rain boots. I thought about this in August, but it wasn't until last week that it really me that I really should put some more effort into finding a pair. Hurricane Irma left a ton of debris in our yard and a ton of mud. I wore flip-flops because I didn't want to ruin any of my nicer shoes. Yuck! However, it is hard to find any cute shoes in a size 11, never mind a pair of Wellies, especially a set that doesn't break the bank. I have been cursed with much bigger feet than is necessary for someone who is 5 feet, 7 inches tall!



  • Congratulations to my friend Tiffaney McCarthy who won August giveaway of The Last Gamble by Anabelle Bryant.
  • Congrats to my friend Jennifer Schutz, who won the romantic suspense giveaway bundle on Facebook!
  • This month I'm giving away three books! Charmed by a Ruby: A Jewel Box Anthology (paperback autographed by Wynter Daniels) PLUS Kindle versions of How to Train a Cowboy and The Fortuneteller's Folly!!! Enter to win here:



  • September

    Indie Book Fest September 28-October 1
    I’m very excited for this event, even though I cannot attend it this year. I will be attending the Mom Mastery Live conference in DC that weekend. Plan to attend if you are in the Central Florida area. More than 80 authors, wonderful workshops, book signings, panels, and tons of fun!
  • November

    *Tentative* Look for the preorder of my book, Love on the Edge, on Tuesday, November 21st on Amazon!

    STARS of Romance Holiday Book Signing
    Saturday, November 18 - DeGroodt Library, 6475 Minton Rd, Palm Bay, FL 1:30-4:30 p.m.  I’ll be volunteering at this event! Come and meet the published Space Coast Authors of Romance!
  • December

    Release of Love on the Edge on Amazon - December 5th is the goal! Please pray with me that all deadlines will be met and my book will release on time!
  • April

    Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend April 27-29, 2018 Milwaukee, WI
    Join Barbara Vey and sixty of her favorite authors for an epic weekend! Tickets on sale any day now – act quickly, because last year sold out in 11 hours! Check out her Facebook page to learn who will be there and what to expect.


I hope you all have a wonderful month!


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