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  • The biggest news this month is that I have an editor!!!  I’m very excited to be working with Racquel Henry of the Writer’s Atelier!  I can’t sing her praises enough, and I am so grateful she is taking me on; excessive adverbs and everything! I know I can learn so much from her, and I can’t wait to get my manuscript back. I’ll be polishing it up for her over the next few weeks and then it’s off to her for 4-6 weeks. After that, I’ll revise again, and from there it will go to a proofer for line edits and polishing. If all goes according to plan, and my cover it ready, we are looking at preorders during the week of Thanksgiving! Woop woop!
  • For a video recap, check out my August 4th Facebook Live video entitled “This week's news, mountain to climb, and a giveaway!” at    



  • My writing BFF and I attended The Romance Writers of America’s national conference last month, which was here in Orlando. Thanks to Lorelei, of Lorelei’s Lit Lair, I have met more authors this past year than probably most fangirls meet in their lifetime. I got to meet just about every author on my "must meet before I die" list, and I spent some quality time with my favorites. It was a dream! In addition to authors, I met a few bloggers and consultants, and received enough great advice to fill an entire journal. I was so blessed to spend several hours over the course of the conference with Barbara Vey, who is both a force and a legend. She calls herself an Author Consultant, but she is so much more. Barbara connects readers with authors, hosts a huge reader appreciation weekend each year (60 authors and 600 readers!), gives advice (both solicited and unsolicited; be careful what you ask her, haha!) and she tells it like it is. She is generous, kind, and is a beautiful soul.  
  • Our local librarian, Danielle King, was awarded Librarian of the Year, and we could not have been prouder!
  • LOTS more pictures on my Facebook Page!
  • RWA Winners List
  • Wonderful recap at Heroes & Heartbreakers
  • Literacy Signing Event 




  1. Anabelle Bryant and Nancy Herkness are even more lovely in person. I’ve been so fortunate with the authors I’ve met over the last year; they are not all kind and humble and sweet. With Anabelle and Nancy, it’s like being with your best girlfriends. I want to be that kind of author. Not all authors love and appreciate their fans like these two do.
  2. Elicia Hyder is not just a phenomenally talented writer and cool person, but she is a marketing genius and a diffuser of meltdowns (mine). She’s awesome, plain and simple, and I appreciate her so much. She has been such a help to me all through this whole process, and was so encouraging to me last week with my “mountain.”
  3. ISBN numbers are expensive. And I need a lot of them. Each version of your book needs its own; the print copy needs one, plus every single different electronic version needs one. Most self-publishers buy them 10 at a time!
  4. Facebook Live videos get a LOT of views! Though putting myself out there publicly terrifies me, the stats keep me doing it. If you are and author – DO IT! Be real, be available to fans. Your fans love you, your far-away family and friends miss you, your kids and your friends’ kids think it’s so cool and will think you’re famous – even if you’re not - and they all want more of you. Even your haters want more of you. Pray for them, and thank them for the attention and the boost in stats. You want your fans to become your friends, and then your friends to become your family (another gem from Elicia Hyder!). Relationships sell books, and if you aren’t providing, other authors will. I can tell you as a reader, there are certain authors I will buy EVERY BOOK they publish because they have taken the time to get to know me - and I want to support them. I am truly learning from the best!
  5. Barbara Vey does not seem to be a fan of water birds. If you feed them in her company, she will scold you. If you continue to feed them anyway, beware! She also had some input for my swan-themed business cards, which she shared at her RWA Fireside Chat. Hoping I might make a swan fan of her yet - perhaps the newest excerpt I posted from my book!     





  • August

    Character Development and World Building workshop series with author and publisher L.E. Perez. Learn how to delight your readers by adding depth to your characters and fictional worlds with this free four-week workshop. Alafaya Library, Orlando, Florida Hosted by the Orange County Library System
    8/9 – World Building
    8/16 – Character Development
    8/23 – Point of View
    8/30 – Putting It All Together
  • September

    Romance, Wine, and Chocolate! Lorelei and the Lit Lair Ladies are back for the 2nd annual RWC on September 1st! Visit Lorelei’s Lit Lair for more info! Alafaya Library, Orlando, Florida
    Indie Book Fest September 28-October 1 I will be attending the Mom Mastery Live conference in DC that weekend, but I’m still very excited for this event! Plan to attend if you are in the Central Florida area. More than 80 authors, wonderful workshops, book signings, panels, and tons of fun! The Westin, Lake Mary, FL
  • November

    *Tentative* Look for the preorder of my book, Love on the Edge, on Tuesday, November 21st on Amazon!
  • December

    December 5th is the goal! Please pray with me that all deadlines will be met and my book will release on time!
  • April

    Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend April 27-29, 2018 Milwaukee, WI
    Join Barbara Vey and sixty of her favorite authors for an epic weekend! Tickets on sale any day now – act quickly, because last year sold out in 11 hours! Check out her Facebook page to learn who will be there and what to expect.


I hope you all have a wonderful month!


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